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Three westerners and their Cambodian friend set out on a journey through rural Cambodia.

Our goal was to paddle the Srepok River, a tributary to the mighty Mekong River. We did not reach our destination. Our expedition came to a quick halt when the river took an unexpected turn. Just when we thought our journey was over a new story unfolded in front of us.

This film demonstrates the sweet and joyful side of humanity as two cultures come together in an unexpected circumstance.


A Short Film By: Aaron Stone

Written By: Aaron Stone + Cade Yanowski

An Original Score By: Cameron Frittz + Ben Klein

Additional Music By: Matthew Young + Tomo Nakayama + SLPSTRM

Special Thanks: David Yanowski, Garrett Cooper, Yok, Ti, Ni, Def, Tira, Voon, Vanna, Sang Hai, Laurence Soroka, Steven Maynard, Pakboats, and Mind Shift Gear

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