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Filmmaker | Photographer based in Asheville, NC 

Aaron Stone grew up exploring the woods with his brother in rural New York state, where he built tree forts and dammed little creeks just to let them loose again. At a young age he became immersed in storytelling through old folk songs that he learned on his great grandfather's guitar. His family valued the outdoors and took the boys fishing, canoeing, and camping regularly. Aaron carried his love of the outdoors and adventure with him to college where he enrolled in Expeditionary Studies. Now he spends his time either exploring the world or planning the next adventure. And, of course, editing his photos and films, and pickin' his guitar. Aaron walks through the world with the same wonder he had as a child, and he feels a responsibility to document the beauty he sees in it: in its people, its mountains, its trees. 

Words by Alex Dziaba 

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