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About Aaron

Aaron grew up exploring the woods with his brother in rural New York state, where he built tree forts and damned little creeks just to let them loose again. At a young age he became immersed in storytelling as he would sit and listen to the old timers share memories and songs around the campfire. His family valued the outdoors and took the boys fishing, canoeing, and camping regularly. His rural upbringing morphed into a healthy curiosity of the world that has brought him to remote mountains, rivers, and villages in far off places.

Since moving to Asheville, Aaron has been diligently capturing the sights and sounds of Western North Carolina’s thriving acoustic music scene, and documenting artists through a series of video projects that has become Old Home Place Recordings.


Aaron walks through the world with the same wonder he had as a child, and he feels a responsibility to document the beauty he sees in it: in its people, its mountains, its trees.

Words by Alex Dziaba, Photo by Cade Yanowski

Filmmaker | Photographer based in Asheville, NC 


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