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I’m honored to be a Finalist in the 2019 ROAM Awards in the adventure filmmaker category and to be recognized amongst this group of talented and inspiring artists! There were over 3000 entries and just 15 total finalists in the film category. The judges for the film submissions included some of my creative heros. Given how immersed I was in this 2 year production, distilling the footage down to a 90 second version for this contest was quite difficult for me. 

"The intent of the ROAM Awards: to identify, celebrate, and amplify the next generation of voices in our adventure with purpose community. Voices that will help us explore new ways of thinking, to help us re-connect with deeply shared human emotions, and to enable us to see that which we might never have known to even exist. The investment we make in this endeavor has long-term positive implications for all beings on the planet."



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